Friday, July 03, 2009

A Prophetic Word For Chicago

 A Prophetic Word For Chicago 
by Michael Edds

In the year 2000, God spoke to me that He was going to reopen the "old wells" of revival throughout this nation and around the world. The purpose of the Coming Great Awakening is to restore total truth to the church and to give the world one last invitation of mercy before divine judgment falls upon a perverse generation.
In 2004, the Lord gave me a vivid, terrifying dream concerning Chicago. In the dream, I was with a group of dedicated Christians in a suite of rooms in the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago. The group had been entrusted with the protection of a three year old child called "the child of destiny." I looked out the window and saw a huge black dragon circling the Sears Tower. The dragon had the head of a wolf and was covered with black fur. It was very long and had the shape and tail similar to a serpent. The dragon was searching for this special child to kill it. In the Tower, the guardians of the child were busy securing the windows and doors to protect the child. I found one window unlocked and exclaimed, "Someone has forgotten to lock this. We must make sure that this building is secured and that we leave no opening for the dragon to get in!" As I locked the window, I looked out and saw that the dragon had landed upon the ground below. To my amazement, a door opened up on the side of the dragon. What appeared to be soldiers started throwing out bodies of Christian men. These men had been killed by the dragon. There were 57 bodies. Suddenly, the top of the dragon's head opened up like the hood of a car except it was hinged on the front and not the back of the head. Out came three men. The inside of the head was a vast control panel. I remarked, "This dragon is not a living creature at all. It is a machine controlled by men." I then turned to the group guarding the small child and said, "The dragon is coming to kill this child. We must stand boldly and fight to the death to protect this child of destiny." Each one gathered around the child with weapons drawn and were energized with a determination to stop the dragon. I awakened.

For sometime I pondered this dream. Then the Lord revealed its meaning.
Chicago has been an "old well" or "seedbed" of revival. Moody, Aimee Simple McPherson, John G. Lake, Dowie, Amanda Berry Smith, William Durham, and so many other great revivalists have strong connections to Chicago. Prayer meetings and revivals have burst forth from Chicago and swept around the world. God has done great things in and through this city.
However, Chicago has a divine destiny that is yet to be fulfilled. This "old well of revival" is to about to be opened again. The dragon is the controlling spirit or the "Prince" of Chicago. The three men represent the political, religious, and financial structure that has controlled this great city for generations. This demonic structure has fought to block God's divine plan for this city for decades. The 57 bodies thrown from the side of the dragon are 57 attempts and messengers that God has sent to bring Chicago into this final destiny. However, they have been either been stopped or destroyed by this evil power structure in Chicago. The child of destiny is God's final attempt to fulfill His divine plan for this city of 9 million. It was birthed in 2001. God has chosen an elite corps of Christian warriors in this city to wage spiritual warfare to defeat the satanic power structure and to ensure that this final move of God and His last mercy call to Chicago come to pass. The hour of destiny has arrived for the Windy City.
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