Monday, November 01, 2010

The Great Revival in Charleston, South Carolina, 1857

 The Great Revival of 1857 in Charleston, South Carolina

In 1857, black and white believers met at the Anson Street Presbyterian Church in Charleston, South Carolina for prayer for revival.  They fell on their faces, repented and then cried out to God for the salvation of loved ones and friends.  They were desperate for a move of God in their city.  All of a sudden, the heavens were rent over Charleston.  God came down!  Revival fire swept through the church and then the city.  Shock waves went out from there to New York City, where Jeremiah Lamphier was praying in like manner at a Fulton Street church.  Revival then swept New York City and then the nation.  Within one year, one million souls were won to Christ.  Churches were full and overflowing.  A church in Beaufort, South Carolina received 400 new converts in three days!!  
Believers in Charleston are praying for the reopening of this "old well of revival" in their city.  God IS going to answer!!
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