Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Great Revival of 1779 in Wales

"The Great Revival of 1779 in Wales"

In April 1779,  a revival broke out in an old Methodist Church in the remote mountainous area of Soar-y-Mynydd, Cardiganshire. One Sabbath afternoon, whilst a very ordinary exhorter, Jack Edward Watkin of Llanddewibrefi, was preaching, the fire kindled, and 'numbers who had been so far hearers only became deeply concerned for their everlasting safety.' The meeting continued until daybreak on Monday morning. Daniel Rowland heard the news, and resolved to go and preach there.

'He preached, and the power was still present, and even mightier than on the preceeding Sabbath. On his return home he said to his friends, "It is a heath fire and will spread abroad." And it did spread.... until it reached many and far-distant localities in South and North Wales, and thousands were brought to seek everlasting life.'
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