Thursday, September 09, 2010

Through The Tempest

The following poem was written by a former student of mine in West Virginia.  It is powerful and will lift you up!  Thank God for Kari!

Mike Edds

Through The Tempest
by Kari Parsley

Ever find yourself in a place
Where you feel the sun will never shine
The storm clouds reach beyond what you can see
Past the horizons golden line?
“Will this storm ever end, Lord?”
You once again ask
“Will I ever see clear skies
Or stand in the golden rays to bask?”
You look to find a hurricane approaching
On what once was a calm sea
Your life a raging tempest
Nothing like it use to be
The towering waves hurl themselves at you
Trying to engulf you in a dark abyss
You embrace the mighty rock
As fear blinds you with its cold mist
Clinging for your life
You say a simple prayer
“Lord, get me through this storm
I know that you are there!”
The thunders rolls in laughter
As lightning does her victory dance
The mocking sea waves goodbye
Knowing you don’t stand a chance
When you feel the darkness surround you
And it seems like the end
You may feel like God can’t see you
In this tempest that you’re in
Just close your eyes and listen
To the words and you will feel
Echoing inside your heart
“Peace Be Still.”
Strength engulfs you
Now you are standing strong
Anchored to the rock
Your fears and worries gone
Through the tempest appears
A ray of golden sun
Just hold on a little longer
For a new day has begun
The waves rise in fury
To once again knock you down
But finds it is no use
You are standing on solid ground
Thunder roars in defeat
As the tempest slowly dies
The waves again become peaceful
No matter how hard they fight
The Son shines so brightly
He dries away all the pain
His love shines so strong
Nothing will ever be the same
He Says To You
“During these storms and trials
It may seem like I am not there
Like I have abandoned you
Or I simply didn’t care
I want you to know I was with you
I was the mighty rock that you embraced
I held back the raging tempest
And all the problems you face
I was never far away
I was only hidden behind the clouds
But I calmed the storm around you
When you called my name out loud.
When the storm clouds are upon you
Know that everything will be fine
Cause sometimes you must go through the tempest
So you will brightly shine”
So to become the mighty warrior
God has called us to be
Sometimes we must face obstacles
And the wrath of an angry sea
Your weakness is turned to strength
Wisdom and knowledge are learned
So you can help others through their storms
And be their light in return
For He will never forsake you
When the darkness clouds your skies
He will be with you through the tempest
Facing it by your side.