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Is the New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone Coming To Life? Part 3

Is the New Madrid Fault Earthquake Zone Coming To Life?

What in the world is happening in the middle of the United States right now? Thousands of birds are falling dead from the skies, tens of thousands of fish are washing up on shore dead, earthquakes are popping up in weird and unexpected places and people are starting to get really freaked out about all of this. Well, one theory is that the New Madrid fault zone is coming to life. The New Madrid fault zone is six times bigger than the San Andreas fault zone in California and it covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. The biggest earthquakes in the history of the United States were caused by the New Madrid fault. Now there are fears that the New Madrid fault zone could be coming to life again, and if a "killer earthquake" does strike it could change all of our lives forever.
So exactly what events have happened recently that are causing people to take a close look at the New Madrid fault zone? Well, just consider the following examples of things that have been popping up in the news lately....
  • According to the U.S. Geological Survey, more than 500 measurable earthquakes have been recorded in central Arkansas just since September.
  • A magnitude-3.8 earthquake that shook north-central Indiana on December 30th is being called "unprecedented." It was strong enough to actually cause cracks along the ground and it was felt in portions of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky.
  • More than 3,000 red-wing blackbirds fell out of the sky dead in the Arkansas town of Beebe on New Year's Eve.
  • Large numbers of dead birds were also found in Kentucky right around Christmas.
  • Approximately 500 dead blackbirds and starlings were also recently discovered in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.
  • Approximately 100,000 fish washed up dead on the shores of the Arkansas River just last week.
So could all of these things have some other very simple explanation?
But the fact that they all happened in or around the New Madrid fault zone is starting to raise some eyebrows.
About 200 years ago, in 1811 and 1812, there were four earthquakes that were so powerful in the area of the New Madrid fault zone that they are still talked about today. All four of the quakes were estimated to have been magnitude-7.0 or greater. It is said that those earthquakes opened deep fissures in the ground, caused the Mississippi River to run backwards and that they were felt as far away as Boston.
The last major earthquake to hit the region was a 5.4-magnitude quake that struck the town of Dale, Illinois in 1968. Things have been strangely quiet in the region since then until recently.
If a true "killer earthquake" struck along the New Madrid fault zone today, cities such as St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee could potentially be completely destroyed.
Unfortunately, this is not an exaggeration.
The following video describes just how incredibly powerful the earthquakes along the New Madrid fault in 1811 and 1812 actually were....
So could such a thing happen today?
Well, that is exactly what many seismologists now fear. The following video news report from ABC News explains why so many scientists are so concerned about the New Madrid fault zone....
One interesting theory is that the "oil volcano" unleashed by the BP oil spill in 2010 may have sparked renewed seismic activity in that part of the world.

Jack M. Reed, a retired Texaco geologist-geophysicist, has been carefully studying the geology of the Gulf of Mexico for over 40 years. Reed is convinced that the Gulf of Mexico is currently tectonically active, and that the Gulf of Mexico is the source for most seismic activity along the New Madrid fault.
According to Reed, there is substantial evidence that the New Madrid fault zone is directly connected to "deeply buried tectonics" in the Gulf of Mexico....
"This entire zone through the United States is suffering some type of tectonic activity that I believe is tied to the deeply buried tectonics in the Gulf of Mexico."
So did BP disturb those "deeply buried tectonics" by drilling such a deep well and unleashing all that oil that flowed into the Gulf of Mexico?
Let's hope not.
If a truly historic earthquake did strike along the New Madrid fault the amount of damage that could be done to surrounding states such as Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Indiana, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee could potentially be unimaginable.
Jeremy Heidt of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency says that life in the region would be instantly transformed in the event of a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault....
"All communications would be out. All air travel would be out as the FAA air control would go down. All rail travel would fail. Ports would shut down; oil and natural gas pipelines could be off line."
According to a recent study by the University of Illinois, a 7.7-magnitude earthquake along the New Madrid fault would leave 3,500 people dead, more than 80,000 injured and more than 7 million homeless.

Or an 8.5?So what would happen if an 8.0 earthquake struck?

Or a 9.0?
Remember, an 8.7-magnitude earthquake would be ten times worse than a 7.7-magnitude earthquake.
There are even some who believe that if a powerful enough earthquake hit the New Madrid fault someday it could potentially alter the surrounding geography enough that it could actually create a new major body of water in the middle of the United States.
So, no, it is not just California that needs to worry about "the Big One."
Right now seismic activity has been dramatically increasing all over the globe. Just think of the unprecedented number of volcanic eruptions that we have seen over the past year. Major earthquakes have been popping up all along the "Ring of Fire." Just over the past couple of days a magnitude-7.1 earthquake hit central Chile and a magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck northern Argentina.
So to think that "it can't happen" in the United States is just being totally naive.
Let us hope and pray that a devastating earthquake does not hit the New Madrid fault any time soon, because such an event could completely wipe out our economy. The U.S. economy is already teetering on the brink of disaster, and all it would take is one major blow to bring the entire house of cards crashing down.
Just remember what happened in Haiti. A magnitude-7.0 earthquake killed 230,000 people and caused such horrific devastation that it is still hard to even try to put it into words. Let us hope and pray that nothing like that happens in any U.S. city any time soon.
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January 6, 2011
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Is The Sleeping Giant Waking Up? The New Madrid Fault Zone And You Part 2

Is The Sleeping Giant Waking Up? The New Madrid Fault Zone  Part 2

Concern is growing within the scientific community that the New Madrid Fault line is coming to life. It is one of the greatest fault zones in the United States and capable of massive destruction.  Bizarre events are happening in nature at a rapid fire rate.  Are these increasing natural disasters connected to how the United States is treating the nation of Israel?  If there is not a change soon in the direction taken by the U.S. government toward Israel, we must prepare ourselves for cataclysmic events, such a massive earthquake along the New Madrid Fault Zone.  Evidence points to the fact that this sleeping giant is coming quickly to life.  Help us Lord!

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THE SLEEPING GIANT, New Madrid Fault...Part 1

The New Madrid Fault Zone is located in the The Heartland of America...the "Bible Belt". Experts are saying this Sleeping Giant may be showing signs of waking up. Scientists, geologist and other scientific professionals are concerned that there is growing evidence of a coming cataclysmic earthquake along this fault line. The results would be devastating to the United States. Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled. Are you ready to meet the Lord?

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David Wilkerson The Vision Part 1 - Coming to Pass in Our Day!

David Wilkerson The Vision Part 1 - Coming to Pass in Our Day! 

Rev. David Wilkerson, a prophet raised up to warn America, received an incredible prophecy in 1974.  He shared that prophetic word in a book entitled, "The Vision."  He has been ridiculed, rejected and mocked even by Pentecostal and Charismatic leaders.  He has been labeled a false prophet and fear monger.  However, as one reads this book it is like reading today's headlines!  This message is broken down into three videos.  This is a must view for those who are preparing for the End of Days!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Rev. David Wilkerson, founding pastor of Times Square Church in New York City and author of the well-known book The Cross and the Switchblade, was killed Wednesday, April 27, 2010,  in a car accident, according to a source close to CBN News.  He was79. Wilkerson was driving east on U.S. 175 and moved into the opposite lane where a tractor trailer was driving westbound. The truck driver saw the car and tried to move out of the way, but still collided with the car head on.
Public Safety Trooper Eric Long stated that Wilkerson's wife Gwen was also involved in the crash and rushed to the hospital, along with the other driver.Wilkerson posted a blog dated April 27 -- the day of his death
In the post, titled "When All Means Fail," he encouraged those facing difficultyto"hold fast" and stand strong in faith.

"To those going through the valley and shadow of death, hear this word: Weeping will last through some dark, awful nights, and in that darkness you will soon hear the Father whisper, "I am with you,'" Wilkerson wrote. "Beloved, God has never failed to act but in goodness and love. When all means fail-his love prevails. Hold fast to your faith. Stand fast in his Word. There is no other hope in this world."



The persecution of Christians in America is growing.  Recently, California state troopers arrested one man for reading his Bible in a public place.  Two other Christians were arrested for asking what law had been broken!  America allows 11 million illegal aliens to walk our streets, use fake id's to get jobs, provides them with free health care and college tuition.  America allows Muslims to gather in Washington, DC, in front of the the nation's capitol and bow to Mecca.  America allows gays to parade down the streets of our cities.  America allows a radical group to harass people at funeral's of our dead soldiers.  Yet, America arrests people for reading their Bibles in public!  Our government at many levels has been taken over by anti-Christian politicians who want to eradicate the Christian heritage of our nation and people.  The action taken by police in California is a foretaste of what is coming unless the American people rise up and put a stop to it.

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It's Friday but Sunday's Coming


It was Good Friday.  They had crucified Jesus on a rugged Roman cross.  After six long hours, He had breathed His last  breath. The world was rid of Him!  However, it was Friday.  They had forgotten something incredibly important........Sunday was coming!  

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Many who read David Wilkerson's 1974 book "The Vision"
are amazed at just how much of it seems to have already come to
pass. But in the same book, Wilkerson also prophesied a huge 
earthquake coming to the USA - seemingly after a major quake in 
Japan. Below is the warning in his own words:
-by David Wilkerson. (1974).
The United States is going to experience in the not-too-distant future the most tragic earthquakes in its history. One day soon this nation will be reeling under the impact of the biggest news story of modern times. It will be coverage of the biggest most disastrous earthquake in history. It will cause widespread panic and fear, Without a doubt, it will become one of the most completely reported earthquakes ever. Television networks will suspend all programming and carry all day coverage. Another earthquake , possibly in Japan may precede the one that I see coming here. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind about this forthcoming massive earthquake in our continent. I am not at all convinced that this earthquake will take place in California. In fact, I believe it is going to take place where it is least expected. This terrible earthquake may happen in an area that not known as an earthquake belt. It will be so high on the Richter scale that it will trigger two other major earthquakes. -Certainly food for prayer. Please comment on this prophecy of "Earthquakes in the USA" at the website below- --

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Iranian Video Declares The Return of the Madhi Is Near

"Iranian Video Declares The Return of the Madhi Is Near"

The entire Middle East is exploding.  Revolutions have swept Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Egypt and many other Arabic countries.  Radical Islam is working on restoring the "Caliphate," the uniting of all Islamic nations under one rule.  Radical Islamists believe that the current upheaval is a prophetic sign that the Caliphate and its anointed ruler is at hand.  That ruler is the long-awaited "Madhi" or 12th Imman.  The Madhi, a descendant of Mohammed, is the Islamic messiah whom Muslims believe will enable Islam to destroy Israel, the United States and conquer the world.  

The leaders of Iran believe that it is the destiny of their nation to usher in the Madhi.  They believe that his coming will be preceded by great war and bloodshed.  Their goal is not to seek peace but to foment war and conflict.  That is the reason for their mad drive to acquire nuclear weapons.  They are convinced that bloodshed and world-wide war will hasten the Madhi's arrival. To spread this insane ideology, the Iranian leaders are releasing a video entitled, "The Coming Is Near."  This video is being distributed throughout the Islamic Middle East and to Muslims around the world.  Their hope is to accelerate the conflict world-wide, which will usher in their messiah.  This is a very dangerous and deadly development!   

Yet, this is Biblical prophecy being fulfilled.  The Prophet Obadiah foretold this long ago.  He prophesied that a confederation of nations, descended from Esau, would come together in the last days and attack Israel.  These nations are the Islamic Arabic nations of the Middle East.  Like Esau, his descendants have been consumed by a perpetual hatred for the descendants of Jacob (Israel).  Throughout their history, great atrocities have been committed by them against the nation of Israel.  Their goal has been to destroy Israel and to possess her national birthright, which is the land of Israel.  The prophet Obadiah declared that God will bring the descendants of Esau into judgment for their evil.  
The restored "Caliphate," spurred on by Iran, will attack Israel in the near future.  Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and other Arabic nations will suddenly strike Israel.  The odds will seem overwhelming in favor of these Islamic nations.  However, they have not taken into account the God of Israel!  He declared through the prophet Obadiah...

 "The house of Jacob will be a fire and the house of Joseph a flame; the house of Esau will be stubble, and they will set it on fire and consume it. There will be no survivors from the house of Esau." The LORD has spoken. (Obadiah 1:18)

The entire Caliphate will be destroyed!  Not one survivor of the Islamic Arabic nations will survive.  They will be destroyed by fire.  Israel now possesses a powerful weapon of fire called "Fuel Air Explosive" or FAE.  This weapon almost equals a nuclear blast in its destructiveness, but without the fallout. Israel will unleash her incredible arsenal on her attackers and annihilate them.  Psalms 83 and Isaiah 17 state that Syria will cease to be a nation and Damascus completely destroyed.  Ezekiel 29 and Isaiah 19 foretell the collapse and demise of Egypt as a nation.  Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Gaza will be completely destroyed also.   

 Obadiah 1:15 says, " The Day of the Lord is near.  As you have done, it will be done unto you.  Your deeds will return upon your own head."

As a result, Israel will possess her possessions, from the Euphrates to the Nile River.  This war will be swift and decisive. This will set the stage for the next war in the Middle East, the War of Ezekiel 38 with the invasion of Russia and her allies. 

The End Times are upon us!  The Return of the True Messiah, the Son of God, IS at hand!  Are you ready to meet Him?  Even so come Lord Jesus, come quickly!