Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Imminent Middle East War - the Prophecy of Psalm 83

The Imminent Middle East War - the Prophecy of  Psalm 83
The Middle East is in turmoil.  Revolutions, protests, riots and violence are sweeping the Arabic nations.  Governments are being overthrown.  Something immense is taking place!  Now, this "Arab Spring" is focusing on Israel.  On May 15, Israel's 63rd birthday, thousands of Arab protesters tried to breach Israel's borders on four fronts.  The Israeli army showed great restraint. In June 2011, thousands of Arab protesters will again attack Israel's borders.  They will attempt the same in September 2011.  The Prime Minister of Israel has declared that they will be met with force.  Israel will protect her borders!  
The Prophecy of Psalms 83 is about to be fulfilled.  Israel will be attacked on all sides by the Arabic nations, who have vowed to exterminate her.  This video gives insight into this ancient prophecy.  

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