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When was the first Christmas message printed in America? It had to come with European Christians, but who were the first Europeans in America? Did they come with Columbus, or did they come earlier with the Vikings; or even earlier with a band of Irish monks? The Navagatio, Saint Brendan’s account of his travels across the Atlantic, certainly predates the Viking voyages by some 400 years and establishes Irish visitors as early as the Sixth Century A.D., but no evidence had ever been found to support that claim. That lack of hard evidence led author Timothy Severin to duplicate the voyage of Brendan in 1977, in a leather-covered boat built to Brendan’s specifications, but unfortunately, that did little to convince the sceptics.
However, while the sceptics argued that possibility and probability do not offer proof, startling discoveries were being made in the New England states of New Hampshire and Vermont that altered the entire subject. A complex of ancient stone buildings, burial tombs, and oracle chambers, which had been under study for some time, were revealed to be Celtic — not from the time of Brendan, but as far back as 800 B.C.!
The evidence was overwhelming. Scores of inscriptions found at the sites were identified as Ogham — a system of cypher used by the Celts over 2500 years ago. Using the science of epigraphy — the study of ancient carvings on stone — Dr. Barry Fell, Harvard professor and president of the Epigraphic Society, not only identified the inscriptions, but translated them. Some identified graves, while others, taken from an oracle chamber, contained religious writings, and still others concerned land boundaries. Together, they indicated a Celtic settlement in America when that form of Ogham was in use, sometime after 800 B.C.
Further, great standing stones, surrounding one of the sites, are geometrically aligned for viewing such celestial events as the summer and winter solstices and seasonal star and lunar patterns. The parallel to Newgrange and similar structures in Ireland is remarkable. In addition to local Indian words and place names with Celtic roots, the defining and dating of pottery, tools, and implements found at the site, also confirm the settlement to be Celtic, matching items produced in the Celtic regions of western Europe during the Bronze Age.
The conclusion that a Celtic society existed in America before the time of Christ is indisputable, but what has that to do with a Christmas Card? Well, Dr. Fell released a book on his initial discoveries, entitled America B.C., and a sequence of events followed which immensely added to the evidence of another group of early settlers, and the Christmas Card they left behind.
Ida Jane Gallagher, a native West Virginian working as a free-lance historian in Connecticut, forwarded to Dr. Fell an article that she had received from the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. The article described a stone carving in Wyoming County, West Virginia, similar to the ones she had photographed in New England. Discovered by two amateur archeologists in 1964, the carving was examined in 1970 by a Geological survey team, who concluded that the inscription — whatever its meaning — was the work of early Indians or aborigines, and of no significance, since many such undeciphered carvings existed, whose origins are shrouded in mystery. The find was forgotten for a decade until archeologist Robert Pyle learned of its existence from his assistant Tony Shields.
Shields, a former Wyoming County resident, told Pyle of carvings near his home that were similar to old runic writings. When he produced photos of the carvings as proof, an excited Pyle estimated that they had been carved between 500 and 800 A.D. Beginning in March 1982, Pyle and Shields recorded every detail of the carving in eighteen separate visits. Convinced of its importance, Pyle gave the story to a local newspaper; the editorial and photo that subsequently appeared was clipped by a reader who sent it to the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce magazine. They, in turn, sent it to Ida Jane Gallagher. She immediately arranged to visit the site.
In November 1982, Pyle led a small group up a steep bank in West Virginia to a rock ledge, and Gallagher took her first look at the 10-foot inscription carved on a recessed portion of a cliff face beneath a natural rock overhang. Convinced that it was a major find, she contacted Professor Fell, and he agreed to attempt a translation.
When Dr. Fell saw the petroglyph, he immediately recognized it as an advanced form of the Ogham script he had seen in Ireland and on the New England carvings. He began a translation from Ogham into Old Irish, from Old Irish into modern Irish, and then into English.
The message thus deciphered read:
At the time of sunrise, a ray grazes the notch on the left side on Christmas Day, the first season of the year, the season of the blessed advent of the savior Lord Christ. Behold he is born of Mary, a woman.
According to the translation, the carving was a solar calendar bearing a Christmas message! But how could a Christmas message be carved in America, in an Irish script, between 500 and 800 A.D.? Was there a mistake? The small group decided to verify the translation. Calculating the difference between the Julian calendar (used until the 16th Century) and today’s Gregorian calendar, they met at the petroglyph just before sunrise on December 22, 1982. Quietly they waited as the sun climbed in the east, spilled over the mountains, and streamed its rays toward the cliff face before them. They watched in amazement as the first shaft of sunlight funnelled like a flashlight beam through a 3-sided notch in the cliff overhang and struck the center of a sun symbol on the left side of the panel. As they watched in awe, the beam pushed the shadow from left to right, slowly bathing the entire message in sunlight like a prehistoric neon sign announcing yet another Christmas, as it has done for centuries. Before their eyes, they had received a message across the ages.
Subsequent visits showed that the phenomenon only occurred at the winter solstice; and at other times of the year the sun only partially lit the message. In 1985, the distinguished Celtic scholar, Professor Robert T. Meyer visited the site and responded to a question regarding its authenticity in these words:
Nobody could have faked this sort of thing unless they had a very deep knowledge of Celtic philosophy, for this is very archaic, and probably from the sixth or seventh centuries. This, for Celtic scholars, is probably at least as important as the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls . . . because it shows that Irish Monks, I suppose, came here, I would say, about 1500 years ago.
Since that time, other Ogham carvings have been discovered in West Virginia at Bears’s Fork in Fayette County and Horse Creek in Boone’s County; as well as at Red River Gorge in Kentucky; Shell Rock Canyon, Colorado, and Newfoundland!
As for the Wyoming County petroglyph, it remains for all to see: America’s first Christmas message, left between 500 and 800 A.D., by Irish Christian missionaries. We may never know the identity of the person or persons who carved the message, but the fact that it exists, provides important proof of the old claim that Irish monks sailed to America to spread the gospel long before Columbus and the Vikings. An Irish monk named Brendan wrote of that in the Sixth Century, but no one believed him. Now, in view of the earlier settlements found in New England, it should be obvious that the Irish had the map all along.

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The push for One World Government and One World Religion are upon us!  The recent rise of "Chrislam," the merging of Christianity and Islam is a prime example of this.  Shockingly, some of America's top evangelical leaders and churches are at the forefront of this new movement.  Robert Schuller and Rick Warren are two of the foremost of the proponents of this new movement.  Is is heresy, an abomination or unity with God.  This video plainly exposes it as an abomination to the Word of God.  

Prophecies About To Be Fulfilled

Prophecies About To Be Fulfilled
The stage is being set for the following prophecies to be fulfilled. The daily media news items unknowingly warn of the imminent fulfillment of God's word........

  • The Arab nations of the world will attack Israel in a coordinated effort to annihilate the state (Psalms 83).

  • Israel will soundly defeat the Arab alliance (Zechariah 12:6).

  • Israel will dwell in security and prosperity (Ezekiel 38:11).

  • Then a Russian coalition consisting mainly of Muslim nations will invade Israel (Ezekiel 38:1-17).

  • The Russian coalition will be destroyed supernaturally by God (Ezekiel 38:18-23 & 39:1-8).

  • The Antichrist will intervene and guarantee the security of Israel, enabling the Jews to rebuild their Temple (Daniel 9:27).

  • At the end of three and a half years, the Antichrist will enter the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem and declare himself to be God (Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15-18, & 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4).

  • The Jews will reject the Antichrist, and he will respond with an attempt to annihilate them, killing two-thirds of them in the process (Revelation 12:13-17 & Zechariah 13:8-9).

  • At the end of the Tribulation, when the Jews have come to the end of themselves, they will turn to God and receive Yeshua as their Messiah (Zechariah 12:10, Romans 9:27-28, & Romans 11:25-27).

  • Jesus will return and regather all believing Jews to Israel (Deuteronomy 30:1-9).

  • Israel will be established as the prime nation in the world (Isaiah 2:1-4 & Micah 4:1–7).

  • The Lord will bless the Jewish remnant by fulfilling all the promises He has made to Israel (Isaiah 60:1-62:7).

  • The blessings of God will flow out to all the nations through the Jewish people during the Millennial rule of Jesus (Zechariah 8:22-23).

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NOAH'S ARK FOUND in 2010 on Mount Ararat?


A group of explorers from Hong Kong and Turkey believe they've made a discovery of Biblical proportions. The group say they have found the remnants of Noah's Ark, resting at 13,000 feet atop Mount Ararat. Previous ARK expeditions in decades past have also found evidence that suggested Noah's Ark may have come to rest on Ararat. However, until now, video evidence has been scant. Radio carbon dating, the researchers say, indicates this find is 4,800 years old. If true, THIS is the most significant historical discovery in human history. It will be very telling to see how this story plays out in the main stream media.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tsunami Miracle: What Islam could not do - Jesus Christ does by saving people

Tsunami Miracle: What Islam could not do - Jesus Christ does by Saving People

A woman is now a former Muslim because when she called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. She was saved along with those villagers around her from a recent Tsunami Disaster which hit Indonesia. The fact that militant Muslims are enraged and desire to kill former Muslims who testify of the Power of Christ today, is evidence that Islam promotes the same hatred for God and Jesus that drove people to crucify Jesus Christ on a Roman cross. But those God-haters could do nothing to stop His Resurrection yesterday nor can they stop the message of the life-changing power of God today, which alone can take a person who was once spiritually dead before Gods eyes to being made alive through faith in Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 2:1) It is the same hatred that drives Atheists and others who serve "the god of self" to reject and dismiss the good news of Jesus, because God is Holy and holds people accountable for how they live. (Romans 1: 16-32

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"And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting." (Acts 2:2)

"And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness." (Acts 4:31)

Drug addiction, suicide, sexual abuse, family turmoil, unemployment and crime were rampant in a Native Alaskan village. Christians were crying out to God to intervene in this hell on earth. Suddenly, a supernatural phenomena swept through the settlement. Revival came suddenly to this remote Arctic village. God had heard and answered the prayers of His people.  



Our God loves us deeply and longs to be in a relationship in which we receive the spiritual and physical blessings he wants to give us. We, as individuals and as churches, suffer great loss when we fail to ask God for these blessings. These blessings can change our lives, invigorate our churches, transform our communities, and even alter the course of history! Best of all, they are available to every believer and every church if we will only pray for them in faith and obedience. I want to help God's people engage in serious prayer and become a living display of what God can can accomplish here on earth. I don't want any of us to suffer the tragedy of a life summed up by these words from Scripture: "You do not have, because you do not ask God"(James 4:2.)

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David Wilkerson's Economic Vision

David Wilkerson's Economic Vision

Key points to remember about this vision:
  1. From the time the first country goes down, you'll have two weeks to get your money out of the bank.
  2. America will come through this crisis---there will be a restoration.
  3. But the nation will never be like it was before...
  4. God is saying: Get our lives straight...Get rid of the idols...Seek the face of God in holiness...
  5. God will be a wall of fire about you...And the glory in the midst of you!
It's about to happen---very soon, one nation, and I'm speaking prophetically--if I've ever heard anything from God in my life, I heard it ... Very soon a European or North African or Eastern nation is going to default on its international loan and when that happens, within two weeks, Mexico is going to default. Mexico owes $100 billion ---80% of it to American banks---and here's what is going to happen: about two weeks after the first country goes bankrupt, (we're going to survive that, because most of that (money of the first country) is owed to European banks---German, Swiss and French banks) but a second country is going to go down, probably Argentina or Brazil, and we'll kind of live that down and say: "Well, maybe it's not going to hurt," but two weeks after the first country goes down, Mexico's going to default on $100 billion.
And when the banks open the next day at 9 in the morning, $15 billion an hour is going to be withdrawn from our American banks -they're going to be running our banks---the Arabs---all the Latin American countries, they're going to be running our banks--and before the day is over, the U.S.A is going to have to declare a "bank holiday."
And we're going into six months of the worst hell America has ever seen---there's going to be chaos---not even the National Guard's going to be able to quiet it down---we're going to have to call out the whole U.S. Army.
Now I've had visions recently, for I've been in New York City and I was in Macy's in a vision, and I saw people walking around stunned because they couldn't get their money out of the bank.
Now I'm going to give you a word of advice, the first country goes bankrupt---I've documented this and I've got it sealed in an envelope, and I'm going to call all my friends and I'm telling you---this is the first time I've said it in a public meeting like this---but the first country that bellies up, you go get every dime you have---church get your money out of the bank--because there's going to be a 'bank holiday' and you won't be able to get a dime for six months. Now, of course, there's going to be -restored, but the nation will never be like it is again.
There's going to be fear like we've never known---judgment at the door. When I was at Macy's Dept. store in a vision and I watched people walking around stunned, they didn't know what to do, they didn't know what was happening; then a bunch of people walked into Macy's and suddenly went wild and began to steal and within an hour everybody---I saw the spirit of everybody in the store---they were robbing and stealing---they raped Macy's and destroyed five floors---Macy's was raped and ruined in a period of an hour or two.
That's just the beginning. Folks it's all in this book (the bible) ---we've been warned and warned and warned---you can't tell me God hasn't warned us. You can't tell me God isn't saying something awesome here tonight in this church...we better get our prayer life straightened up, our lives straightened up, get rid of the idols, as Paul writes, and seeking the face of God in holiness or you're not going to be ready for what's coming. God's warning, get ready and you'll not fear these things that come onto you and you'll start rejoicing, you'll not be afraid because your hands will be clean. You've been praying and God's building a wall of fire around you to keep you."
We'd like to teach you a song about God's protection. It goes like this.: "There's a wall of fire around me...There's a wall of fire between my soul and the enemy. There's a wall of fire that you can't see...Between my soul and the enemy. There's a wall of fire around me. May it be so with us all..."

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The Rapture - The Church Is Going Home!!

The Rapture - The Church Is Going Home!!
For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
Are you ready????

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'Angels Catched Me' - A Two Year Old's Miracle

'Angels Catched Me' - A Two Year Old's Miracle

Two-year-old Ethan Payne fell out of a second-story window. Doctors worried he would have brain damage or never walk again. But through the power of prayer, Ethan was better within six hours. This is an powerful testimony of the miraculous power of Jesus Christ.

A Supernatural Visitor in a California Prison Cell

A Supernatural Visitor in a California Prison Cell

Behind the bars of a California prison, a young man, Ron Zaucha, thought hope was lost forever. Scarred by a life of abuse and desperately hooked on drugs, he felt his short life was quickly coming to a tragic end. However, something incredible happened that first night in the cell. Someone visited him. This visitor radically changed Ron's life. This video is a testimony to the unfailing love of God and the answer to a grandmother's fervent prayer.

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A compilation of excerpts from the sermon "Five Steps to Genuine Revival" by Ian Paisley. Rev Paisley delivers a powerful message to challenge the Church. His words give form to what is a tragic lack in Christianity today. This exhortation is a call of death to self and to the world. It is a charge to live wholly unto God through faith in Jesus Christ. I pray this clip would inspire you to do just that.

1,000 Children Turn to Christ in Indonesia

1,000 Children Turn to Christ in Indonesia
"And it shall come to pass in the last days, said God, I will pour out of my Spirit on all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams."  (Act 2:17)  This prophesy is coming to pass in the nation of Indonesia.  1,000 children recently gave their hearts to the Lord.  Their worship bathed in their tears will touch your heart.  May this revival sweep not only Indonesia but the world.